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AHARON HARLAP was born in Canada and immigrated to Israel in 1964. He studied composition with P. Racine Fricker at the Royal College of Music in London and with Oedoen Partos at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music. He also studied conducting with Sir Adrian Bolt in London, Hans Swarovski in Vienna and Gary Bertini in Israel.

Harlap is a prominent choral, operatic and orchestral conductor and has appeared as a guest conductor in Europe, Canada, the USA, South Africa and Israel (including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra).

Well known as a composer, his works have been performed in all the countries mentioned above and he was awarded several major prizes. Theses include:

1979 - A prize in an international competition for his Oratorio The Fire and the Mountains;

1983 - The ACUM (Israel Music Composers, Writers and Publishers Association) Prize for Three Songs for Mezzo Soprano and Symphony Orchestra;

1993 - the Mark Lavry Prize for composition;

1997 - A prize for his opera Thérèse Raquin, and the ACUM Prize for his Clarinet Concerto;

1999 - The Prime Minister’s Prize for Composition.

2008 – The ACUM annual prize for his musical life work achievements.

Harlap is currently a senior lecturer in conducting at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, where he also holds the position of Head of the Opera Department.


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